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Man 1: Wait, I'm not sure we should parody megatokyo. Man 2: Fred Gallagher does seem like he might take it kind of hard. Man 1: He really does. Man 2: Poor guy. We should try to cheer him up. On the left is a mailbox. Man 2 stands at street level, while Man 1 is holding a cake on the top of a two-step staircase to the front door. Fred, please come out. It's OK. Don't cry, Fred. Man 1: We It isn't mine. T-Rex: I'm all for it!

91ce 13 Playboy Interview Sammler-Edition: Herbert Grönemeyer by Kai-Uwe Keup

Dromiceiomimus: But isn't that terrible grammar? T-Rex: Only by recent convention! It's been in use that way for centuries, and its use is widely accepted!

The Fourth Annual November Comedy Challenge, Nov 1-30, 2014 **List Thread**

ALSO: this lets us avoid ridiculous constructs like "he she", "s he", "xe" or "hirs"! Utahraptor: T-Rex, I T-Rex: What? Utahraptor: That sounds good to me! Utahraptor: Normally I'd jump in with an objection, but I think your point makes sense. T-Rex: Could it be that the rift in our author's mind has finally healed? I know!

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Black Hat: Eh, I don't think so. Guy: C'mon. There's no real reason not to except snobbiness. It's the new social scene. Black Hat: I know. I'm just not interested.

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Guy: Please? I'll friend you. Black Hat: Carebearstare. Guy: What? It throws Guy to the edge of the panel, pinned to the wall. She looked nice. Person 2: Oh no, not again.

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Person 1: But she was so sweet. Shy, but there was something in her eyes. A pain down in her soul, the same as the one down in mine. Person 2: Mm hmm. Person 1: The police light played through her mohawk like the sun setting through pine trees as she shoveled the third hooker into the trunk of the camry Person 2: Back up.

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Man Man 1: Wobsite. I think you mean "website.

Stacey Johnson - Don't Believe Him

They are both stick figures. Second man: What? Make it yourself. First man: Sudo make me a sandwich. Woman: I filled it with playpen balls! Man: I Woman: Because we're grown-ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means. And I guess it wouldn't be sanitary. Second Girl: My boyfriend proposed to me. Please, nobody ever say that. You may have three wishes. What does your heart desire? Man: I'd like a human-sized hamster ball. Man: Why would I need other wishes? Now to find that place. I've been barred from speaking at any major cryptography conferences ever since it became clear that all my algorithms were just thinly disguised Missy Elliot songs.

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Professor: So? Just use your head and don't concern yourself overmuch with what other people think.

source site Girl: But he says the fossils in the mountains were put there in a flood! Professor: Well, evidence suggests that they were not. Girl: But he-- [[A mountain landscape]] Professor: A million people can call the mountains a fiction, yet it need not trouble you as you stand atop them.

The wonderful thing about science is that it doesn't ask for your faith, it just asks for your eyes. Girl: But he's a US Senator! Professor: Ah, then yes, we do have a bit of a situation. First man: Huh?

First man and his next line are also green. I've gotta go to the doctor to get my thighs rotated. But here's some new character art I'm working on! Guy: And something in the back of my head says it's wrong, it's not like this anymore, but I push it down. In the morning, I tell myself I can't control my dreams, but there's a part of me that doesn't want them to stop. Guy: And honestly, waking up would be a lot easier if your mom didn't look so much like you. Guy: There's always that moment of confusion. Woman: Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening. Woman: Okay, that's great. Wait a second.

Ice Ice Baby? What the hell? Man: I'm not very good at this. And she's gonna feel like a jerk when she realizes it was actually Under Pressure. Sony has plenty of launch titles lined up that aren't lame sequels. Tycho: Name one.