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An ancient British warrior. King of the Catuvellauni tribe when the Romans invaded Britain, he led a resistance that nearly prevented them from conquering the island. A descendant of one of the seven Parthian clans under Sassanid rule. The seven clans, or houses, played key importance in Persian history. The founder of the Sassanid dynasty. Known as a great warrior, hunter and high priest of the Zoroastrian faith. One of the oldest Christian dynasties in the world. The children of Bagrat have made Georgia flourish throughout the centuries. A king in sub-Roman Britain.

He was a strong leader, but is notorious for hiring the Saxons as mercenaries and allowing them to enter the Isle of Britain. A legendary high king of Ireland and founder of the Ui Neill dynasty. During his rule he won several battles against the Saxons, Scots, Gauls, and even the Romans. The legendary founder of the Merovingian dynasty. He joined his tribal forces with Rome to drive the Huns out of Gaul, ending Atilla's ambitions in the area.

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The Ashina clan rose to prominence after revolting against the Rouran Khaganate. Members of the clan are considered sacred, if not divine, by the people of the steppe. Kubrat claims descendance from Attila - one of the most feared enemies of ancient Rome, who united numerous tribal clans under his banner. The Solomonid Dynasty claim direct descendance from the biblical Solomon, a king of Israel famed for legendary wisdom and wealth. The founder of the Tibetan Empire who unified several Tibetan kingdoms under his rule.

He also introduced Buddhism to Tibet and created the Tibetan Alphabet. A brilliant warrior as well as a great statesman, he established the Franks as undisputed masters of Gaul and led the army that defeated the Muslims in the battle of Tours. The founder of the Pala dynasty, said to be descended from the mythical Suryavansha Sun Dynasty.

He came to rule a massive kingdom, encompassing all of Bengal. A legendary viking hero. He led numerous raids against the Franks and Anglo-Saxons, going so far as to sail up the Seine and successfully lay siege to Paris. The founder of the Rurikid Dynasty. He was a Varangian chieftain who ruled over the Rus' and built several settlements, the most famous of which lies in Novgorod. One of the greatest of the East Roman emperors, his rule brought about an era of glory, prosperity, art, and imperial might.

The Daura claim descent from Bayajidda and Magajiva — the first of whom slew a great serpent, and the second of whom instituted the matriarchal system of the Hausa people.

A legendary ruler who through skill and military might united the Kingdom of Norway and the people therein. The Kende sacred ruler of the Magyar tribes. He went on to conquer the Carpathian Basin, making a new home for the Hungarian people. He is famed for conquering and establishing the Qarmatian Republic.

They would go on to haunt their neighbors for years to come. Patrilineal Bastard can't inherit. During the tumultuous years of the Abbasid caliphate, the Fatimids rose up in Ifriqiya and established their own Caliphate under Abdullah ibn Hussayn Fatimid.

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Despite his involvement in the murder of his elder brother, Boleslav was a tenacious leader who significantly strengthened the Bohemian realm. Famed and respected as the ruler who pushed the vikings out of the British Isles, and the first King of England. He was the last Zoroastrian ruler who fought back agaisnt the Muslims in Persia, trying to restablish the Sasanian Empire.

An Irish high king of legend. He managed to unify the warring leaders of Ireland and end the Viking occupation of the isle.

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The founder of the Gahznavid dynasty. In his youth he lived as a slave, but in later life came to rule a mighty kingdom which expanded far towards India. An Oghuz Turkic warlord, Seljuk started out an officer in the Khazar army. He later went on to found his own clan, seeking adventure away from his ancestral home.

A remarkable politician, strategist, and statesman. He successfully turned Poland into a country as powerful as the realms of the west.

A peaceful ruler who rose to kingship through skilled diplomacy. His rule saw huge economic and cultural advancements take place in Croatia. One of the greatest rulers India has ever seen. A military leader and hero of great renown. Matrilineal Bastard can't inherit. A powerful woman, Arwa was known for her intelligence and knowledge of both heavenly and earthly affairs. She also engaged in several building projects across Yemen. Born an illegitimate bastard, he more than proved himself after successfully claiming the throne of England - becoming known as 'the Conqueror'.

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Yusuf was invited by the emirs of Andalusia to come to Iberia and stop the Christian onslaught. He won, and established a vast realm extending from Ghana to Toledo. A great emperor who fought both the Seljuk Turks and the Normans. His reforms stopped the imperial decline, restoring much of the former glory. A major leader of the First Crusade, Bohemond used his legendary martial skill and political cunning to capture Antioch and establish a kingdom for himself in the Levant.

One of the most powerful women of western Europe.

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She was a patron of literature and a military commander, as well as a leader in the Second Crusade. Lord over half of Iberia, Alfonso claimed the title "Emperor of all Spain" and sought to unify the peninsula under his rule. He was also known as a patron of arts. Last of the great Norman conquerors, Roger unified Sicily under his rule, transforming it into a local power responsible for raids across the Muslim lands.

Warrior-king of the Basques and a major sponsor of the Reconquista, Garcia restored Basque control over Navarra after a long period of Aragonese domination.

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Vanquisher of both Moors and Leonese in his campaigns for Portuguese independence, Afonso cunningly battled many enemies to establish the roots of his own realm. An able ruler, Frederick 'Barbarossa' was known both as a warrior who sought to control the rebel Italian princes and as a skilled lawmaker. A sequel, Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 , is scheduled for release in Bloodlines is an action role-playing video game optionally presented from the first- or third-person perspective.

The player builds their character by spending acquired points to increase their ratings in the three areas. The points spent on Attributes and Abilities combine to determine a player's success or effectiveness in performing tasks such as using firearms, brawling, and lock-picking; for example, determining how accurate or how far the player can shoot, or if they can hack a computer.

Abilities are talents such as brawling and dodging , skills such as firearms and melee and knowledges such as computers and investigation. During character creation, each upgrade costs one point. The upgrade cost increases as the game progresses. The player's clan affects their skills and powers. Although the attractive Toreadors receive bonuses for seduction and persuasion, opening additional dialog options, they are physically weak; the Nosferatu are forced to travel in the shadows or through sewers to avoid alerting humans, but receive bonuses to their intelligence and computer skills, which enables access to more information.

The Malkavians have separate dialog options, reflecting their inherent insanity. Firearms combat is first-person, with character points assigned to the firearms skill determining the shot's accuracy and how long it takes to target an opponent.