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Caralynne Hayman, raised in The Children of Righteous Cain, a misguided, evil cult, was married to a man who abused her and considered her property. She never loved him, but birthed three daughters whom she loved with all her heart. She can endure the abuse for herself, but never for her daughters. She sets out on the path of revenge and having never been taught or experienced any sense of real Christianity, she succeeds to a certain degree.

Janet: So I expect Caralynne is dealing with anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness, etc.

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What other issues are stacked against her? Janet: She definitely has a lot of things stacked against her! What genre is this story, Carole? Women will enjoy it if they like novels with strong issues and plenty of suspense. Give it a chance! We read and talk together over interesting tidbits of news items. The plot developed from there. Is there a sequel to The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman in the works?

Download Google Books Free Mac Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive Epub

Carole: I think so. It begins with a baby kidnapping. Elder Simmons, the antagonist, will not let go.

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He is determined to wreak vengeance upon the MacFarlands, even if he has to do it from prison. Cara and Dayne, now happily married, go through trials that will shatter their self-complacency and test their love. Cara has suffered hurts and abuse from her former marriage. With Dayne she thought everything would be smooth sailing. But when the lies surface, can she trust him, does she love him enough to stay strong for his sake? Will her mustard seed faith grow or be uprooted? A fun mystery that is very much different than The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman.

Carole: Sympathy for the hurting.

Yet the people caught in these situations are caught in them by the brainwashing of either a single person, and family or even sometimes a religious or nonreligious group. What has reader response been like for this book? Carole: Excellent. It does deal with a tough subject but I honestly believe if those who are timid in approaching the subject in the book will read it through, they will realize the encouragement it provides. May I get you a cup of coffee? A soft drink? Or just plain water?

Sandra: Thank you, I'd love a glass of sweet iced tea. Sharon : Here you go. What can you t ell us about your family? Sandra: My husband and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary last year with a trip to Gettysburg. I do write historical romance novels! I have a stepson, two married stepdaughters, a daughter, and a granddaughter who live nearby. We have a great time when we get together!

If so, how? Sandra: I love to read, but now I pay attention to how authors build tension. I notice how the words they choose to describe people and settings. In other words, I guess reading has become another opportunity to learn the writing craft.

Whispers in Purple: Christmas Angels ~ Carole Brown ~ Recipe

Sharon : Who has been your greatest encourager on your writing journey? Sandra: My husband has supported me the whole way. I like to visit historic sites to discover the local history.

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  7. He uses vacation time to go on research trips with me. He supports whatever I need to do. He understands that rejections break my heart at times and does what he can to bolster my courage to try again. How was this story. Sandra: I wondered what it would have felt like to find a wounded soldier on your property after a Civil War battle. It surely happened.

    Would you walk away and leave him to die if he fought for the other side? What if your members of your family fought for the opposite army?

    Does that change anything? Suppose you help them anyway and fall in love? I pondered these questions and the story was born.