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They have the funds and man power for food pantries,free clothing, living expense assistance, helping the homeless, feeding children, funerals, all with the numbers in the congregation that want to help. I feel this was written by a very small town person.

How Do I Help A Hurting Friend Practical Help For Leaders And Laypeople - New

Live in a city 35 years and see what goes on. We should never forget that biblically speaking- church growth is a combination of an organized prayer-word team and the above tactics mentionned. Even those churches that have grown to members , most of them have struggles becoming incarnational in terms of affecting deeply their communities.

I wonder how a mega church of people can b located in a community where drugs, crimes and many other vices are still climbing faster? The need for church today should not be growth, to me it is rediscovering the power of the Holy Spirit in order to respond to creation cries.

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Organizational structure of the church is needed- however it is not the beginning nor the end- it is somewhere in the middle among many other necessary elements we establish for proper church life. When a congregation reaches adults, equip a launch team and start a new church. Still keep the mutual care model — it helps everyone to grow in Christ-likeness.

Anyone have any thoughts. John W. Bosman from Amazon. You will find most if not all your questions answered. I feel that is among the such a lot important information for me. However want to observation on few basic issues, The web site taste is wonderful, the articles is truly nice : D. Good task, cheers.

Children and Divorce: Helping Kids Cope with Separation & Divorce

The pastor is not the only one called and qualified to demonstrate care. Great article! The growth at all cost that drives our current churches is woefully wrong. Our church today is impotent … just survey the society that we live in to witness that. Sam Shoemaker wrote a lot about this. Do you have these articles in a pdf format where they can be downloaded and printed for further use.

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This one, and others like it, are of utmost interest to me at this time. Please pray that the loan application process for our housing estate in Nairobi for West Point Properties Development Ltd will be successful. Is growth typified by the membership roll of local churches? Numbers does not mean true conversion Romans In the quest to be men and women of renown, we assume that having a large membership roll means we are reaching more people.

Is that really true?

Center for Self Leadership, IFS Therapy Training (Official Site)

The Church is the whole Body of believers. Are elders ok with that or do we have to eliminate functions of pastors to achieve the s. However, God has called them to a work and its identified in Ephesians 4. A pastor or any other fivefold gift is called to do the work of God, which is equip the body of Christ. When they equip the body, according to the will of God, growth of that particular church will be determined. John the Baptist had the right attitude. Here was a man called from birth to a great ministry.

But the moment Jesus came on the scene things changed.

How Pastors Die Trying

You see they were concerned about their ministry and numbers, rather than souls coming to God, which in this case, was through another vessel than themselves. Why do churches need to break members if the goal is that people become mature in the faith, and then they to go out and make disciples. Faith without works is dead. The right heart motive is important when desiring church growth, and similar to the parable of the talents, to whom much is given—much is required.

Larger churches with more tithes and members would be better positioned to expand and fund ministries impossible for many smaller churches. Most smaller churches have enough trouble providing for their own pastors in the first place. Discipleship may be the only focus in those particular cases, but I would want to encourage church growth that was meant to expand ministry opportunities.

I tend to agree. Maybe rather than growing beyond, the answer is to plant new churches with a portion of the current church forming the new core. Very well said. You made some very valid points here. We are all the body of Christ. Leading souls to the Lord and helping them mature in the Lord at your Church or another should be a main focus, more than numbers.

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I love the reference to John the Baptist. I think you have hit the nail on the head as to the purpose of the church being spiritual maturity or transformation. I have found much interest in an organizational concept called self managed organization. In a secular frame, self actualization is part of what goes on. Is this not similar to gaining spiritual maturity or being transformed? The example of Moses was great because he was put in a position of responsibility for a vast number of people.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand, people are believing, the church is growing. We need to be ready to lead well those who come to our churches. If someone goes to another church, great — they are in a body of believers!

But this article is encouraging our personal preparedness to lead well, not to go and try to make bigger churches. It is God who gives the increase, we need to be ready for it. While working as youth pastors and unofficial associate pastors, I noticed that my husband and I naturally fell into different foci in our ministry: he gravitated toward honing vision, teaching, devising strategies to reach students and I gravitated toward pastoral care and its varying aspects.

My husband still knew our students well; it merely fell within my realm to enact and facilitate care. It allowed our ministries to grow without putting too much pressure on my husband or myself. My question for you, Carey, is if you can point me toward a previous post of yours or other resources about effectively raising up the laity within a local congregation?

It seems to work! Our Church roll is nearly 1, They put a dangerous focus, that Small is better, small churches are more in the community, and these small churches actually do not want grow big. Obviously i have questions about that movement. Any insight from anybody? My business partners needed to fill out DEQ A last year and used a web service with a searchable database. I once heard a mega church assistant pastor explain the senior pastor was taking several years to solve various problems because the church had grown to 5, from The pastoral staff stayed about the same size, however, although the senior pastor acquired a plane to get things done faster.