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  1. "My tween wants to go trick or treating ALONE!" Trick or treat
  2. If you let your teenagers go trick-or-treating then shame on you
Frozen "LET IT GO" Metal version by TRICK OR TREAT !

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Indeed, a survey by the nonprofit Safe Kids Worldwide found that 73 percent of parents take their kids trick-or-treating, so the tradition is still going strong. Some of that, she suspects, has to do with changing neighborhoods.


"My tween wants to go trick or treating ALONE!" Trick or treat

Americans are less likely to know and regularly interact with their neighbors than they were in previous decades, according to a analysis of General Social Survey data. Kids who live in cities often trick-or-treat in apartment buildings, and in rural areas where houses are more spread out, Bannatyne says, parties, bonfires, or other centralized gatherings are often more practical alternatives for families.

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  7. But many parents are opting to skip the sidewalk parade altogether, instead taking their kids to more contained trick-or-treating events hosted by businesses or community centers. Small businesses are participating; malls are offering unique events.

    If you let your teenagers go trick-or-treating then shame on you

    Trunk-or-treats were first granted the New York Times trend-piece treatment in , and they seem to have grown in popularity across the country since then. While last year her family did door-to-door trick-or-treating, Wingard says she prefers the trunk-or-treat, because she lives on a busy road in a neighborhood with no sidewalks.

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    • Children learn from being independent;

    Safety concerns are one reason families opt for a contained trick-or-treat experience—and car accidents are a real danger.