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So it's really difficult to internationalize because of the costs and the customs duties. So maybe with this new Silk Road, I hope the costs will decrease," said Bettati. Many Italian students in China also consider the experience of studying and absorbing the Chinese environment as an additional bonus to put on their resumes.

MARCO POLO (Italian text)

Future opportunities. Over the past half-decade, it's become a trend among Italian university students to learn the Chinese language, according to Vincenzo Iannotta, who has a bachelor's degree in Comparative Language and Culture from the L'Orientale University of Naples, as well as a master's degree in China Studies from SISU.

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But the young man also said that competition among Chinese speakers in Italy has become quite fierce. According to Iannotta, there are now a larger number of Chinese migrants living in Italy, which has diminished the demand for Putonghua-speaking Italians.

Marco Polo - John Man - Paperback

But for those Italian students who have moved to China to study full time, adapting to a vastly different culture and society poses additional challenges beyond the usual language gaps. Everything is digital," Rossi told the Global Times. Common ground. He also has found that the Chinese people attach as much value to food and meals as Italians.

The Travels

According to statistics provided by the Italian Ministry of Education, the number of Chinese students studying in Italian universities increased by 33 times between the school year and the school year, with around 7, Chinese students presently in Italy, China Education Daily reported in January. The number of Italian Students in China also rose accordingly. Further Reading.

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    Summary First published in None of the manuscripts which have come down to us represents the original form of Marco Polo's narrative, but it is clear that certain texts are closer to the lost original than others. Entrusted with the task of preparing a new Italian edition of Marco Polo, Benedetto discovered many unknown manuscripts. He carefully edited the most famous of the manuscripts the Geographic text and collated it with the other best known ones.

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