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It can also be a wakeup call to readers. But a hanger in his hand is mistaken as a gun by a police officer, who shoots and kills Alfonso. From here, Alfonso—and the reader—are transported to a ghost train, wherein a host of those who have been killed by police violence reside and work to bring an end to the senseless murders. The graphic novel take here only makes it more difficult to read and more necessary. Historical horror is such a neat sub-genre, and Winters is a master at it. But when a boy who died in battle reaches out to her, suddenly Mary finds herself questioning her own beliefs.

This one has archival photographs to add to the allure and romance of this ghost story. A brilliant take on the ghost story and one that, when read multiple times, can be viewed and considered a ghost story in so many ways. The first book in a duology, this is a take on the Bloody Mary tale that so many of us grew up telling at sleepovers. Teaming up with her annoying cousin, Zora needs to clear her name. Lucy is, frankly, quite confused when she awakens to find herself dead in Westminster Cemetery, where Edgar Allen Poe was buried.

Who Are These Spirits?

Six months after the death of her best friend Lillian, Hannah is unable to get away from her ghost, who is pushing for Hannah to step into the search for the murderer. This supernatural story combines hip hop, poetry, and grief to deliver a chilling read.

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But their relationship is powerful and life-changing for both of them, human and ghost alike. Rebecca is spending the school year with her aunt in New Orleans as her dad is traveling the world for work. Lisette becomes her new best friend and helps her navigate this new life, even though Lisette herself is anything but alive. Micheline Helsing can see the auras of the undead.

Those are the ones where her talents are put to the real test. When a routine hunt goes bad, suddenly, Micheline knows exorcism for herself and her hunting partners may be the only way to save themselves. This is ghost story that spans centuries, beginning at the dawn of time up through the present. Three girls—Zoe, Hermione, and Roan—are all drawn to the Mill House for one reason or another, and each discovers in her own time the connection she has to the others, as well as their connection to an ancient curse that binds them together.

For readers who love their ghost stories more along the lines of thrillers, this story written by two Australian Aboriginal women and featuring a year-old Aboriginal main character will do the trick. When Beth Teller died, nothing was the same for her, nor was it the same for her father, who can still see and hear her.

This is a story of life, of death, of small towns, and of the ties of friendship. A story about two girls—one who is living and one who is dead—set against the backdrop of World War II in Chicago. Abandoned like so many others, Frankie will have to find a way to carve out something resembling a life. And yes, there are ghosts.

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Ruby is a master at the unsettling, at the magical and mythical, and this book promises all of those things and more, with the backdrop of war and the Great Depression. If you love small towns, terrifying weather phenomenons, and ghosts, then this book is going to check every single one of your boxes. Thakurmar Jhuli is the most classic collection of Bengali children's folk-tales and fairy-tales, which was compiled by Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder in Other such story collection from the same author are Thakurdadar Jhuli , Thandidir Tholay and, Dadamoshayer Tholay Some are mentioned below:.

Other than the writers mentioned above, many other prominent writers of Bengal have also written short-stories involving ghosts and the supernatural, such as Provatkumar Mukhopadhyay , [80] Achintya Kumar Sengupta , Satinath Bhaduri , Buddhadeb Bosu and so on. However, at the present day, some young Bengali horror story writers are being somewhat influenced by the western horror literature, and their writings thus lack the originality of the classic Bengali horror literature and ghost stories.

In many Bengali films, ghosts are depicted in a lightly comical mood and sometimes in a friendly way. In this film the King of Ghosts gives three boons to 'Goopy' and 'Bagha', the two poor village boys who aspired to become a singer and drummer respectively. With the help of those boons they did many amazing adventures. They ultimately solve the mystery, and kill the vampire and his mentor. Putuler Protisodh , directed by Rabi Kinagi, was also based on the supernatural. The movie's story revolves around a girl named Bini who was married to Avinash. She falls prey in the hands of her in-laws who ultimately murdered her.

The soul of Bini enters her doll to take revenge. She kills her mother-in-law, father-in-law and her maternal uncle one by one, and finally wants to kill her husband. But Avinash's second wife Laxmi was able to free Bini's soul from the doll.

The Dark Arts

Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy , directed by Sandip Ray , is a movie based on three classic Bengali ghost stories. Probably the most well-known film of horror genre in recent times is Bhooter Bhabishyat , directed by Anik Dutta.

Scary Ouija Board - I Wish I Never Played With It

It tells the story of a haunted mansion 'Choudhury Palace', where ghosts from different ethnic backgrounds and eras reside a Bengali zamindar of 18th century, an actress of the s, a modern rockstar, a soldier of Indian Army who died in Kargil, etc. The film with its simple but humorous story went on to become a massive blockbuster of Goynar Baksho is another popular film involving the supernatural. Chhayamoy is another notable horror movie based on Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay's novel of the same name.

The story is about Indrajit, a UK based scholar. While working to preserve historical documents he find a parchment from which he learns about treasures hidden in an old palace in Simulgarh, a village of West Bengal.

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  4. Indrajit comes to the village, finds out the treasure, but, a local goon Gagan Sapui accuses him of robbery, beats him up and expels him out of the village. Sapui wants to melt those coins to make new jewellery. After being beaten up, Indrajit goes to forest near the village where he meets Chhayamoy, a benevolent ghost. After listening the incidence from Indrajit, Chhayamoy decides to teach Gagan a lesson. The number of horror movies from Bangladeshi film industry are only a few, and most of these movies can be typically categorized as low-budget horror-comedy.

    There are some radio programs which feature recitation of horror stories written by acclaimed writers. Such radio program is Sunday Suspense by Radio Mirchi , aired from Kolkata , which features recitation of horror stories, as well as stories of other genres such as detective fiction, fantasy, and Sci-fi, etc.

    YA Ghost Books That You Won't Be Able To Put Down

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